Malaysian cockfighting – The best form of online betting in 2024

Malaysian cockfighting where players can witness the bloodiest matches in the cockfighting world. Here you will admire a series of famous fighting cocks from all over the world. To discover more interesting information related to this topic, you can follow today’s article New88.
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What is Malaysian cockfighting?

Malaysian cockfighting is an online betting genre based on the results of actual cockfighting matches broadcast live from professional arenas around the world. Here, cockfighters not only enjoy hundreds of exciting cockfights but also have the opportunity to bring themselves huge profits. 

Outstanding advantages of Malaysian cockfighting

Malaysian cockfighting is an attractive entertainment game that increasingly attracts a large number of cockfighters to participate thanks to its many outstanding advantages, the most prominent of which include:

Top quality fighting cocks

Malaysian cockfighting is a gathering place for many quality cocks from all regions. They are selected from quality chicken breeds combined with strict training. These fighting cocks possess great strength and fighting skills, bringing attractive and thrilling performances to the audience.

Fairness and transparency

Each Malaysian cockfighting match is supervised by experienced referees, ensuring absolute fairness and transparency. The winning or losing results of the matches are based on the rules of the game as well as the actual abilities of the cocks on the field. All will bring absolute satisfaction and trust to betting participants.

Diverse betting odds

Malaysian cockfighting offers a variety of betting forms from handicap bets to bronze bets, etc. Thereby meeting all the needs and preferences of each player. In addition, Malaysian cockfighting matches are also held in majestic arenas, creating a vibrant and attractive atmosphere. This is also the factor that attracts a large number of followers on many online betting platforms.

Attractive profits

Malaysian cockfighting offers cockfighters the opportunity to make attractive profits. Players can bet on their favorite cocks to receive worthy rewards if they win. The cockfighting payout is extremely high, up to hundreds of millions of dong, creating great motivation for cockfighters to participate and watch the matches live.

The best types of Malaysian online cockfighting you should try

Coming to Malaysian cockfighting, you will experience a variety of attractive genres, the most prominent of which include:
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American cockfighting

American cockfighting is a popular cockfighting genre in Malaysian online cockfighting. In this type, chickens are strictly selected to bring the best fighting ability. Here, the chickens will be equipped with sharp knife spurs, fixed on the chicken’s legs with strong layers of tape. The highlight of this form of cockfighting is the eye-catching strikes in the air. Combined with extremely high damage knife weapons, causing fatal wounds in just a blink of an eye.


Cockfighting is a fighting style that requires a lot of skill and strength from the cocks. In this type of cockfighting, the cocks will be fought without any weapons. Therefore, spanking matches often take place with very long competition times, giving players extremely breathtaking and dramatic moments to watch.

Cockfighting with iron spurs

Iron spur cockfighting, the most popular form in Malaysian cockfighting. The fighting cocks will be equipped with sharp iron spurs with custom sizes depending on their weight class. Cockfighting with iron spurs gives a strong impression to viewers with beautiful and dangerous strikes.

Important notes when playing cockfighting Malaysian cockfighting

To become undefeated cockfighters in Malaysian cockfighting arenas, you need to refer to the following important notes:

Understand the rules of the game

Malaysian cockfighting brings you many new odds, each with its own rules. Knowing the rules will help you avoid losing money due to misunderstandings or breaking the law.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

When playing Malaysian cockfighting online, you must choose a reputable bookmaker. Find out if the bookmaker is licensed or not and read reviews from other players first. Correctly choosing a reputable bookmaker will ensure fairness and safety during the betting process. 

Ensure discipline

Although it is said that cockfighting is a game that depends a lot on the element of chance. But you can still increase your winning rate by setting up a reasonable strategy for yourself and then sticking to it.


The article on New88 has introduced to you in detail the Malaysian cockfighting genre and its outstanding advantages. Hopefully the previous sharing can help you succeed in this form of betting.

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