What is the Joker card? Meaning and how to play in the Western deck of cards

For those who have a passion for red and black casinos, the Joker card is certainly no stranger. Because of the simple gameplay and attractive payout rates, it attracts a large number of players to participate. However, many people still ask what is the Joker card? The following article Kubet will help you learn details about this interesting game!
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What is a joker card?

What is the Joker card? The Western deck of cards includes 52 cards. In the deck of cards, there will be two special chess pieces that play an important role: the Joker card. In the form of card playing in Vietnam, this set is also known by another name, Phang Teo. The name Joker was inspired by a unique mispronunciation of the word Jucker. 

The special thing is that all 52 cards in Joker are different, each card will have a unique shape and corresponding value, including numbers and suits. Instead, there will be a very attractive image of a clown in the middle. Among the two Joker cards in Western cards, there will be one colorful card and vice versa, the other card will be black. 

The meaning of the joker card in the Western deck of cards 

After you understand what the Joker card is?, the meaning of this card is also especially important, not everyone understands. As mentioned above, the 2 Joker cards include a black card and a colorful card. This has implications for day and night.

All 52 cards in the deck correspond to fixed numbers and the Joker card is no exception. Many players default to the Joker card corresponding to 1 point. Therefore, 54 cards will have a total score of 365. Everyone knows there will be 365 days in the year, which means that the deck of cards has 54 weeks and 365 days in the year. 

Besides, the card has 4 suits: clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds, which also symbolize the 4 seasons of the year: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter. Therefore, it can be concluded that 52 pieces symbolize a calendar year. The two Joker cards represent day and night time.

Many people also know this card in some TV shows, the Joker card is also a symbol of power and strength. As for the form of Tarot reading, it means an innocent and lovely person. So what is the Joker card? can be understood with many diverse meanings according to its form of play. 

How to play joker cards in detail 

After you have learned what the Joker card is and its meaning. It is also extremely important to understand how to play this card. Let’s explore in detail how to play this interesting card game. 

How many members do you need to play Joker? 

According to the Joker card game rules, there is a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members. As you know, the Joker deck consists of 54 cards, so 13 cards will be dealt to each member. 

The special thing about playing Joker is that the card value will be the smallest or largest of the members participating in the contract with each other. This will apply to both forms of play: live and online. Because of this, you need to learn and master the information about this card to play correctly. 

Rules for scoring Joker cards 

The interesting point of the game is that before the new game starts, all participating members place bets, applying to both online and live forms of play. Betting depends on the player’s purpose. When playing Joker online, you are required to bet in money, the value depends on the gaming portal.
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When the game ends, the joker card has the effect of totaling points for the player. At the same time, they draw cards before playing, the value of the card will be added to the player’s total score. Win when the member has the highest score. 

How to play Joker card in detail for newbies 

Each player will receive 13 cards, then arrange them according to their preferences and be careful not to let other players see their cards. Next will be the process of drawing cards one by one by members. After the end, the player has the right to shuffle the cards for the next draw. Just repeat the process until you find a Joker card.

In the rules for playing Joker online, when a player draws a Joker card, he will immediately be eliminated from the match. And if you draw a bonus card, you will keep the same number of points to add to the final result. After all 2 Joker cards are played, the remaining players will total their points, and whoever has the highest score will win.


The above article has shared with you more information about What is the Joker card?. Hopefully through this article you can understand the meaning and how to play this interesting Joker card. If you have a passion for card games, you definitely cannot miss this unique game!

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