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In today’s world of card games, playing cool cards has become a fun way to bet and win a lot of money. Do you know how to play? Please join us bookmaker New88 and learn more about how to play exciting dungeons and find the secret to winning every time!
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What is a cool card game? 

Before learning how to play cards well, you need to get familiar with this type of bonus card game. At the start, the dealers are divided equally into a main column consisting of one dealer and three secondary dealers. Each column is divided into many small groups, each group has three cards. If the player’s total score is a multiple of 10, it is counted as score for two groups of cards. You can calculate your cool points based on the number of remaining units. 

If the total score is a multiple of 10, this is considered bad. The game screen shows a game with 3 betting areas and corresponding doors. To place a bet, select the value and range in which you want to bet. If you want to cancel your bet or place another bet, select the multiplier icon on the screen. 

The results section is divided into two pages, of which one page contains the scoring results and wins and losses of the house and players. The remaining results are the member’s loss or win results and are displayed in red or blue.

Cool game rules

Kubet’s interesting game rules include many important things that you should pay attention to. Rules for dealing cards, calculating points and arranging cards. 

Rules for dealing cards in the dungeon

When joining an online bookmaker, you should carefully choose an address where the bookmaker actually handles your cards. At the beginning of the game, the dealer will reveal a card so you can decide which card will be dealt first. 

 If the first card revealed by the dealer is an A, 5 or 9 then the dealer’s hand is dealt first, then the cards are dealt.

If the first card revealed has a value of 2, 6 or 10, the second card is dealt first.

If the first card revealed has the value 3, 7, J then the 3-card hand is the first card dealt.

On the contrary, if the first card flipped has the value 4, 8, Q, then card 4 will be dealt first.

Scoring rules

In addition to the rules for dealing cards, the rules for calculating points are also very important. Also, if the child and the leader have the same score, how is the score calculated?

A is worth 1 point

J, Q, K get 10 points

Cards with numbers on them have the same value. If the small cards and queens are equal, how can the winner or loser be determined? Now, it depends on which card is the biggest on both sides. If the two highest cards have the same value, consider the quality of those two cards. The hand with the highest quality value is considered the winner.

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Rules for arranging cards

When placing a deck of cards, you need to understand the rules of the game to create the largest deck. Specifically, the capacitor increases as follows:

The smallest is a group of three cards whose sum is not equal to 10 or a multiple of 19. The sum of a group of three cards is a multiple of 10 and the sum of a group of two cards is a multiple of 2 to 6. This card also named cool 2 to cool 6. If the sum of the group of 3 cards is a multiple of 10 and the remaining 2 cards are 7-9. Similar to above, this card is called “cool to 9”. If the sum of 5 cards is 10 or a multiple of 10, it is called “cool”. The largest set is that all five cards are Mr. West, also known as five West.

Cool playing experience

Like many other money-making games on the Internet, to win the lottery, players must not only master how to play the lottery but also accumulate the secret to winning the lottery. Some of my experiences playing this bonus game include: 

Understand the rules of the cool game

To win, players must first master the rules of the game down to the smallest detail. Read and understand each step and detailed assessment method carefully.

Arrange cards to maximize points

Review and order cards to get the highest score. Make the most appropriate and correct betting decisions depending on the cards you have.

Reasonable capital management

Distribute your bets according to your available funds and make betting decisions accordingly. Don’t be too hasty and don’t bet on eating too much.

Always have a strong mind and card playing strategy

This is almost a must for winning online card games, online lotteries and even lotteries. Learn clearly how to play cards coolly, come up with strategies and set rules for playing cards well. And of course, be determined and always follow the right strategy, avoid being hasty.

The end

How to play cool cards has been explained in detail in the article above. You can contact any bookmaker and register to bet effectively. Bookmaker New88 Hope the information we provide will help you get the most useful information.

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