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Sic Xiu online is a popular entertainment betting subject in the system of online bookmakers on the market today. In addition to simple gameplay, the product also has large payout levels for members to freely enjoy their passion. In the article below New88hg Casino provides some useful news related to the game to make it easier for you to get started, let’s follow along!

Some introduction to the online Tai Xiu game 

Tai Xiu is known as an online entertainment product originating from China. Currently, this game has almost appeared in major casinos around the world, especially in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Macau,… Especially when technology is developing at a rapid pace. Online Sic Bo also appears, creating convenience for gamers’ entertainment.

Online Sic Bo also has the same rules and methods of participation as the traditional way of playing. That is the player making predictions about the results of 3 dice. If you are lucky enough to match, you will receive a reward from the system with the corresponding amount. On the contrary, if the member is wrong, he will lose the amount of money he placed in the betting window.

Explore the betting options that appear on the online Tai Xiu game

The Sic Bo game has extremely simple and easy rules and regulations. When participating, members only need to make their predictions about the results of 3 dice. However, to easily join, you need to accurately grasp the betting options that appear. Below, New88 Casino shares with you some forms of prediction that you need to grasp accurately:

Over/Under Betting

In the online Tai Xiu game, this is the simplest form of betting. However, the payout level applied by the house is only 1 to 1. Specifically:

  • If the score of the 3 dice faces fluctuates between 11 – 17, the win belongs to Over.
  • If the score fluctuates between 4 – 10, the win will belong to the Under.
  • In the special case that the result appears with 3 sides of 6 dots and 3 sides of 1 handicap, the player loses by default.

Total bet

This is also a betting door that is considered complicated in the online Tai Xiu game, so before choosing, you need to consider carefully. However, in return, its payout rate is much higher than other betting options. Accordingly, in this form, members need to make accurate predictions about the total score of the 3 dice faces. 

If your luck matches the final result, you will receive the corresponding bonus according to the house’s regulations. On the contrary, if you are wrong, you will lose all of your initial bet capital.

Double bet

This is a form of betting that many people choose when participating in online Tai Xiu games. Accordingly, in this way of playing, the player makes a prediction about two identical dice appearing on the turn. Although the reward is higher than usual, the possibility of winning is low, so you need to consider carefully.

Bet 3

Among the bets of the Over/Under game, this is the type of bet with the most attractive payout. As its name suggests, players need to make accurate predictions about the 3 sides that appear during the turn. If you are lucky, the exact reward you will receive will be 1 to 80. 

Odd even bet

This is also a form of betting that is considered simple in the Sic Bo game that you can choose. With a winning rate of 50/50, the payout rate applied is 1 to 0.98. 

Instructions on the most detailed process of choosing New88 Casino online Over/Under bets

Like many other unique entertainment products available at the New88 Casino system, the process of participating in online Tai Xiu is also considered simple. However, if you are just a newbie and find it difficult to get started, there is no need to worry. Below we will provide the most detailed instructions on how to perform the operations, let’s refer to it now!

  • Step 1: First you need to determine which is the safe official New88 Casino link to log in. Be careful of fake links or links provided by third parties to ensure safety. In case you are not a member of the house, you need to click register and follow the instructions of the playground.
  • Step 2: Continue to click on deposit transaction, choose the appropriate payment method to be eligible to participate in betting at the house.
  • Step 3: Finally, players just need to click on the “casino” lobby on the house’s main interface, select “Online Sic Bo”, click on the most satisfactory bet level and start experiencing great rewards right away.

New88 Casino reveals betting strategies for online Sic Bo games from experts

Understanding the rules and how to bet in the online Tai Xiu game is not enough for you to win. Instead, you need to pay attention to learning and equipping yourself with good strategies and standard betting methods from experts. So if you are a newbie, you should definitely not ignore the useful tips compiled by New88 Casino below:
See : Casino New88

Use the folding method

For those who love the world of betting, folding strategies are certainly no longer strange. This is a quite effective way of playing that many players apply and get big bonuses. To put it simply, this is a method of only depositing money at a single bet, specifically:

  • Game 1: You bet on Under which is 100k and you lose.
  • Game 2: Continue to bet on the Under with 200k, resulting in a loss.
  • Game 3: Continue to choose the Under option and increase the bet to 400k, resulting in a loss.
  • Game 4: At this time, the player will still bet on the Under bet and the bet capital will increase to 800k, resulting in a win.
  • Game 5: At this point, members need to return to the original bet level.

Knowing the points to use is the standard way to play Tai Xiu online

One of the methods to participate in the next Sic Bo game that you must know is exactly determining the stopping point. Although when you first hear it, this strategy is quite simple, but not everyone can do it well, even if they are experts. Therefore, experts often advise you to determine for yourself a strategy. stop before starting.

During the entertainment process, regardless of whether you win or lose, you need to follow the given rules. Even if you win, don’t be complacent, or even if you lose, don’t be bitter so that your decisions are affected.


The above content of the article New88 Casino shared with you detailed content about the game Sic Xiu online. Hopefully the above summary is useful to support your entertainment process at the house. If you have any questions that need support, don’t forget to leave a comment below the article or contact the customer service staff for immediate resolution!

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