Should I Buy RBP Wheels for My New F-150 Raptor?

RBP Wheels is one of the most fashionable and advanced aftermarket rim brands currently available in the United States. If you go through online forums where there are discussions on the merits and demerits of non-OEM wheels and accessories to research a bit about these models, you’ll find 2 very different schools of thought.

You can either love them or dislike them intensely, but it is almost impossible to simply ignore RBP rims. They are certainly one of the biggest manufacturers of alloy rims for all sorts of vehicles and specialize in pickup trucks. Heavy vans and trucks are their biggest target market. RBP’s models are well-known for their durability and style, attributes which it shares with other competitors. Visit here for information about Dwayne Johnson

If you are wondering about whether purchasing a brand-new set of RBP Wheels would be a good idea for your F-150 Raptor, the answer’s quite simple: they are excellent for these types of heavy vehicles. Go right ahead and choose from the various types of rims RBP makes.

Of course, you might not be too sure about whether the brand is a reliable one! In that case, we will quickly run you through some of the advantages RBP provides in the next section.

Are RBP Wheels any good?

RBP (Rolling Big Power) is one of the best brands of aftermarket wheels currently available. They often do not prop up on ‘top-ten’ lists mostly because their rims speak for themselves; advertising them would be overkill.

The simple answer is that yes, RBP Wheels are extremely competent and highly recommended. Here are some reasons why you can go for their models without thinking too much:

  • Understated style: Unlike many other major companies in the same niche, RBP does not believe in trading style for elegance. These wheels have an element of subtle style that is rare and that’s one major factor why they sell in significant numbers around the year.

Most of their models are available in sophisticated finishes and colors that stand out in a sea of garish blues and yellows. The design philosophy that the company follows is unique in this sense. Chrome and black are the commonest colors available, but that does not mean that RBP does not let you have fun!

Some of the most reliable 1-piece and beadlock rims are made by Rolling Big Power. If you are a proud owner of a Ford F-150, a RAM 1500 or a Chevy Silverado, perhaps it is time you looked beyond the brands available at your local retail outlet and went for RBP’s models.

The same also applies to any coupe or hatchback or sedan as well!

  • Technically proficient: Since its inception in 2001, RBP has dedicated itself to the cutting edge of modern rim manufacturing technology. One common grouse that many critics of RBP Wheels have concerns the price tags of their models. It is indeed true that RBP’s products are slightly more expensive than rival brands.

However, that extra amount is worthwhile when you take into consideration the superlative quality of the aluminum alloy used, technological improvements including flow-forging, enhanced warranty periods, and better load and speed ratings.

It is no wonder that these rims are so widely adopted by commercial operators. Off-road enthusiasts also have a lot of love and respect for RBP’s products.

  • Made-to-order rims available: This is where RBP leaves most of its competitors behind and enters a hallowed club. Only a handful of companies are known for making one-off wheels for aftermarket use.
  • The client base for customized rims was stagnant for some decades but has gradually picked up pace since around the mid-2000s. That was when Savini came into being. RBP is older and had picked up subtle signs that the market in the United States and in other major regions were gradually changing and customization was the way to go.

Like Savini, RBP rims can be tailored in several different manners. Every aspect – down to the machining of the face and the color of the lugs – can be altered to suit your tastes and your ride.

Another point that must be mentioned here is that RBP excels in creating designs perfectly suited for premium vehicles. Many owners of Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Ferraris and McLarens favor RBP’s expertise in crafting that elusive set of aftermarket art that will add even more points for style to their magnificent cars.

Sounds great! Where do I get these rims?

Well, you can either log on to the company’s official website and place your orders. The other option is to approach tried and trusted retailers (like AudioCityUSA of California, to name just one) and check out the latest RBP Wheels.

It is highly recommended that you take professional advice on rim sizes, offsets and widths if you are unsure of what to look for. Be wary of fakes; rely only on established dealers!

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