Master The Art Of Shifting With This Epic Checklist

Let’s confront it! Moving is a thrilling but equally nerve-wracking task.
Of course, we become super excited when we think about moving from an old, dilapidated home to a swanky furnished new home! After all, it is the greatest investment for most people. But the excitement pauses when we think about moving all our treasured possessions. An array of questions hit the mind, such as how to move safely, will the belongings be safe, and so on. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prefer an admiringly steadfast and reliable moving company that can equip its services in a skilled, composed and secure manner.

Today, there are numerous proficient moving companies in Perth that not merely provide efficient and trustworthy services but also manage the most critical task with a hassle-free method. On that account, you should do in-depth research and hire the most reputed and authorized removalist company in Perth that may help you according to your discretion.

However, moving home or office does not just involve calling and employing a removalist company; plenty of things must be considered to perform an efficient and smooth move. That possesses things such as redirecting mail, sorting items that are no longer needed, vacating rubbish, exchanging utilities at your existing location and reaching them to set them up at your unexplored premises.

Because of this, we have constructed an epic moving checklist for accomplishing a well-organized and trouble-free house removal.


Start Organizing 3-4 Weeks earlier from your move date.

Assemble a list of everything to be transferred

If you begin earlier, the process will become less stressful. Your first preference should be planning beforehand. You must go to every room and decide what you would want to take with you and create an inventory index of everything to be moved. See more here from Download Free eBooks From Z Library

Ensure to get rid of the unwanted items

Once you have made an inventory checklist, then make sure to get rid of the undesirable stuff. But you do not merely abandon your belongings; you can simply organize a sale and sell your stuff. You can also donate the items which you are leaving behind, like kitchen utensils, clothing, furniture, etc.

Collect moving supplies for wrapping

It would be best to start collecting moving supplies three to four weeks prior. You can either buy or order boxes and other moving supplies, such as bubble wrap, huge boxes, markers, and tapes, for the secure wrapping of the items. Also, ensure ordering forte items, including mattress covers, dish barrels, wardrobe boxes etc

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Propose a change of address form to the post office

Evidently, anyone does not want to lose important documents like bank letters, mail, and bills to be reached at the wrong address. It is highly suggested to submit a change of address to your post office before the time in order to receive the mail at your new address. There is a form you should fill out.

Select your moving company and confirm the move date

Selecting an adequate moving company is the most important step in moving. You must inquire about various moving companies and pick out the best Removalist company in Perth; you can also avail of the discounts they provide on special occasions. Generally, the moving companies have higher rates in the summer because of the lighter and big days. Therefore, if possible, you should plan your move in the autumn days, which will be more reasonable. But remember to get in touch with the removalists three to four weeks ahead of the moving day. Do not merely trust the quote; instead, investigate thoroughly.

1 Week before the move

Clean your home or arrange for a moving company

It is a standard courtesy to clean your home before the moving company arrives. It is also a great possibility to do an accumulated junk check and do a thorough cleaning of your home. It is not merely easy for the new occupants but also results in sterile and uncomplicated packing.

Inspect furniture for dents and scratches

Although the removalist companies in Perth are skilled and trustworthy, you should still check for dents and scratches before the moving company begins packing and loading the furniture into the truck.

That will show you if any furniture items have any dents or scratches during the process.

Label items you need to acquire

Labeling assists in maintaining your belongings well-organized. That solely not helps in easy unpacking, but also you will understand precisely where to locate the things if you require something instantly at your new place. 

Set the activation/cut-off dates for your services

You must arrange your dates for activating the cable, gas and electricity agents at your new location. Likewise, follow up with your current utility agencies about your move and get the cut-off dates.


  • Look closely at your inventory list and tick all the items the removalist company is loading.
  • Ensure to remove all the pictures and other glass items from the wall
  • Please make sure all the boxes are labeled according to their categories.
  • Double-check if all the appliances are free from the contents.
  • Make Sure to remove all the items from the top of the cupboards
  • Confirm with all the closets and cabinets and make sure any necessary thing is not left behind.
  • Lastly, ensure the lights are turned off, and the water is shut off, so there are no possibilities of any kind of mishappenings after you leave the house.

A bottom line

An efficient and smooth move requires a lot of planning and preparation. Those, as mentioned above, are extremely essential things that need to be considered before the moving day arrives. However, executing this epic checklist and employing reliable removal companies can make your moving process hassle-free.

For more information on moving, get a free quote, or stay in touch with the team at CT Movers! CT Movers have been providing an extraordinary moving experience to people living in Perth and Melbourne for years. Happy Moving!

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