Data center server manufacturer, Supermicro, has just released a statement about the recent news that has been making headlines this month. Supermicro has no known links to the NSA or any other American spying agency like the PRISM scandal. However, today Supermicro released an updated statement on their website: “We have never been provided any hardware by our customer (NSA), nor were we aware of any government spyware being implanted on our hardware.”

Data Center Server

Supermicro’s main products are their server systems manufactured in their plants in Taiwan and China. The company also has offices in Japan, California, and Europe.

Supermicro said it is working hard to fight back against these false claims saying: “False reporting and twisting of facts by a competitor must not be tolerated.” However, the statement contradicts its previous report, where the company was unaware of any government spyware implanted in its hardware. Nevertheless, Supermicro has since provided an email address for any employees who may have been affected by the news to make contact via email to DigitalOcean’s security team via ([email protected]).

Supermicro’s Encryption Securit

Supermicro fought back against the news claiming that its internal network is encrypted, so Supermicro cannot see the data that passes through its own network. Furthermore, they added that they do not use any 3rd party services to monitor their security. The data center server company claims that the original news source was an email sent to them by a solder who claimed to have worked on computers for twenty years but no longer works for Supermicro.

Supermicro has since said that they are aware of no government spyware being implanted on their hardware but have not commented on the alleged data breach this month. This news has also been reported in USA Today and, two websites in the United States known for sending false allegations to companies via emails and online forums. In data center server news, Supermicro told customers that the company plans to be a leader in the server CPU market.

The Future Of Server Hardware

Supermicro has spent the past five years designing a new range of server hardware. This new server range is said to help businesses manage thousands of different connections at once and will be able to handle more than one program when it releases in March of next year. Supermicro also has a new line of server storage, which is also said to be a break from the past as it is said to draw users in with its ability to provide worldwide and incredibly high-speed data transfer speeds using its Infiniband technology.

The data center services company based in San Jose and New York has seen a rise of 44% in its share price since the start of September, and with the recent news surrounding its server hardware, that figure is predicted to grow even higher in the coming weeks.

Supermicro has also been in the news recently after posting record revenues of $1.62 billion for this year’s first quarter of the financial year. The data center server company posted a rise of 54% in revenue compared to last year. Their income for the first three months of this financial year was $8 million higher than their revenue for all of 2013. It also increased 21% from their income during the first quarter of last year and was also 8% higher than their revenue in Q4 2014.

The data center server company has said it will work closely with its customers to resolve any issues or questions that may arise after the recent data breach news.

Supermicro Computer, Inc. designs, sells, and supports a wide range of server products worldwide for enterprises and other large-scale data center customers.

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