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6 Steps to Selecting the Best Outdoor Table Covers for Your Patio Furniture

Do you own outdoor furniture items? Great. That means, unlike so many homeowners, you get to spend quality time outdoors with your friends, neighbors, guests, etc. However, with high-quality outdoor furniture comes various responsibilities. Unlike regular, indoor furniture items, outdoor furniture items face countless weather damage risks. 

The Risks Facing Your Outdoor Furniture Items 

Sunlight, rain, air pollution, pests – you name it and it’s probably damaging your outdoor furniture items right now. What can you do to maintain the quality of your outdoor spaces? Well, you can always buy new outdoor furniture items, right? Well – that’s not an option for most homeowners in the country. According to recent reports from the Bureau of Labor

  • Furniture prices increased by 11.8% on average in 2021. 
  • Bedroom furniture prices increased by 10% and living room furniture prices increased by 14.1%.
  • The cost of outdoor furniture items increased by 9% during this period.

That’s why an outdoor table cover is a very useful item for you now. Don’t want to spend 9% (or more) extra to buy new outdoor furniture in 2022? Buy high-quality covers. Give your old outdoor furniture items the best possible protection. Preserve these items for years if not decades. So, what type of outdoor table covers will you need? 

Let’s explore the six-step way of shopping for these protective covers –

  1. Understand Your Needs

Assess what type of protection your outdoor furniture items need. Consider the types of threats your outdoor furniture items face every day.

  • Are your outdoor tables exposed to direct sunlight every day? Then, you’ll need covers that come with high UV ratings to minimize the risk of sunlight damage (e.g., fading or brittleness).
  • Are your outdoor tables located close to water features? Then, you’ll need waterproof covers to prevent these furniture items from swelling up or rotting due to moisture exposure.
  • Are animal droppings or pest damage major threats your outdoor furniture items face regularly? Then, buy table covers that have tight weaves with minimal mesh. These types of covers prevent animal droppings and other dirt from leaking onto your outdoor furniture items. click here for more About instagram
  1. Select the Right Material

The materials used to manufacture your covers need to be durable enough to withstand all types of external elements. There are three materials that offer pest, water, and UV resistance – vinyl, polyester, and canvas. All three materials are quick-drying, breathable, and machine washable as well.

  1. Security Type

Make sure your outdoor furniture covers feature drawstrings, buckles, tie-downs, or elastic bands. Such covers are easier to fasten, loosen, install, and uninstall. They’re also less likely to fly away in windy conditions.

  1. Waterproof Coating

Whichever material you choose for your outdoor furniture cover, it must have additional waterproof coatings to keep out moisture.

  1. Soft Backing

The covers should have soft cloth backings to prevent scratches against the furniture. Covers with harsh backings often stain or scar the furniture’s finish. So, check how soft the covers are before buying them.

  1. Size

Lastly, make sure your outdoor furniture covers perfectly fit your furniture items. Measure the outdoor furniture items you’re buying covers for to ensure they fit right.

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