Southern Tien Len Game Rules, Basic Ways to Play for Beginners

This article by Jun88 will help you better understand how to play, the most complete and detailed rules of Southern Tien Len. This is an entertaining game that is very familiar to all gamers, but not everyone knows everything about this interesting game. Let’s find out right below.

Learn the cards in Tien Len Southern

Go to the South using a Western deck of cards consisting of 52 cards. The cards will have different sizes and sizes in increasing order from 1 (Ace), 2 (Boat), 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J (jack), Q (jack). ), K (old).

Each type of card will include 4 cards, also known as four of a kind. The cards with the same magnitude value will be arranged sequentially according to suit: Spades < Dragons < Diamonds < Hearts.

In the deck of cards, the largest card is 2 (pig) and the largest suit will be the heart. Therefore, whoever gets 2 hearts in the hand will have a good advantage in the game.

Basic card playing tips for beginners

InlAccording to the rules of playing Tien Len Southern, each game will have at least two people and a maximum of four players facing each other. Each player holds 13 randomly dealt cards. Whoever plays all their cards first will be the winner. Playing cards will be in clockwise order.

For the first game, the player who has the 3 of spades will play first and must play this card first. Depending on the situation, members can play individually, in pairs or straight as desired. From the next game onwards, the winner of the previous game will be the first to play, this is considered to create an advantage as well as fairness for the hands.

In turn, players will play their own cards. They can also play cards in a consecutive sequence such as 7,8,9,…, or double (will be 2 cards of the same value). are 3 cards of the same value). If the player has a card of greater value, he can intercept and gain the right to play the next card. If your card is smaller, you must skip your turn and continue to give the player who just played the card.

Regulations are set out in the Southern Tien Len game rules

To make the match fair and without controversy, the Southern Tien Len game rules offer a few interesting rules as follows:

Rules of the game: advance to the South to win white

This is definitely something every player wants to own. After dealing the cards, if you receive a consecutive deck of cards from 2 to A, 4 pairs, 6 pairs or 5 pairs, you will immediately win that game without having to play.

In case there are more than 2 players who can win, the person who goes first and the person sitting close to the person who goes first will have priority. The person who goes first is the winner of the previous game or the person holding the three spades (in the first game).

Strict card regulations in the Southern Tien Len game rules

The card with the highest power in the deck is the Pig (2). “Chop” is a concept used to refer to players using special cards to crush pigs or other special cases. The strict rules are as follows:

  • 3 pairs of pine trees: Holding 3 pairs of valuable pine trees in a row (J, Q, K), the player can use it to cut 3 smaller pairs of pine trees or 1 smaller pig tree.
  • 4 pairs of pine trees: You can use 4 pairs of pine trees to cut down 1 pair or any pig tree, cut down 3 or 4 pairs of smaller pine trees and even block a whole set of four.
  • Four of a kind: A set of 4 cards of the same value. You can use this set to block a pair of pigs or 1, 3 pairs of smaller pines or 4 smaller fours.


  • 4 pairs of pine trees can be cut at any time, no need to calculate by round.
  • You can only use 3 pairs of pine trees to chop when there is a new turn or during a round.

Regulations on tight and rotten penalties in the Southern Tien Len game rules

The rules of the game Tien Len to the South, the penalty for rotting 2 (pigs) is as much as the penalty for chopping 2 (pigs). Take 1 last standing game as the calculation unit (1 bet), penalty rules are as follows:

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  • Red pig = 1 bet
  • Black Pig = ½ bet
  • Four of a kind = 2 bets
  • 3 pairs = 1.5 bets
  • 4 pairs = 2.5 bets

In case points are used as the unit of calculation, penalty rules are as follows:

  • Pig of spades = 1 point
  • Flying pig = 2 points
  • Checkered pig = 3 points
  • Muscle pig = 4 points
  • Sets (3 pairs of pine, 4 pairs of pine, four of a kind) = 4 points

However, if you play the last pig or suit but someone cuts this pig or suit, that player will not be punished or rewarded.


Above are the most complete and detailed instructions on how to play the game and the Southern Tien Len game rules. Wishing gamers will have fun moments with their families with this card game, or you can play Southern Tien Len online from online casinos.

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